سطح 4

در این دسته کتاب های داستان های سطح 4 از زبان انگلیسی قرار گرفته اند.

مرتب سازی بر اساس:   نام محصول (صعودی | نزولی)، قیمت (صعودی | نزولی)، امتیاز مشتریان (صعودی | نزولی)

کتاب داستان Oxford Bookworms 4: A Tale of Two Cities

کتاب داستان آکسفورد سطح چهار به همراه CD صوتی - A Tale of Two Cities

'The Marquis lay there, like stone, with a knife pushed into his heart. On his chest lay a piece of paper, with the words: Drive him fast to the grave. This is from JACQUES.'

The French Revolution brings terror and death to many people. But even in these troubled times people can still love and be kind. They can be generous and true-hearted . . . and brave.

قیمت: 25,000 تومان

کتاب داستان Oxford Bookworms 4: Gullivers Travels

کتاب داستان آکسفورد سطح چهار به همراه CD صوتی - Gulliver's Travels

Soon I felt something alive moving along my leg and up my body to my face, and when I looked down, I saw a very small human being, only fifteen centimetres tall . . . I was so surprised that I gave a great shout.'

But that is only the first of many surprises which Gulliver has on his travels. He visits a land of giants and a flying island, meets ghosts from the past and horses which talk.

قیمت: 65,000 تومان

کتاب داستان Oxford Bookworms 4: Little Women

کتاب داستان آکسفورد سطح چهار به همراه CD صوتی - Little Women

When Christmas comes for the four March girls, there is no money for expensive presents and they give away their Christmas breakfast to a poor family. But there are no happier girls in America than Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy. They miss their father, of course, who is away at the Civil War, but they try hard to be good so that he will be proud of his 'little women' when he comes home.

This heart-warming story of family life has been popular for more than a hundred years.

کتاب داستان Oxford Bookworms 4: Silas Marner

کتاب داستان آکسفورد سطح چهار به همراه CD صوتی - Silas Marner

In a hole under the floorboards Silas Marner the linen-weaver keeps his gold. Every day he works hard at his weaving, and every night he takes the gold out and holds the bright coins lovingly, feeling them and counting them again and again. The villagers are afraid of him and he has no family, no friends. Only the gold is his friend, his delight, his reason for living.

But what if a thief should come in the night and take his gold away? What will Silas do then? What could possibly comfort him for the loss of his only friend?

کتاب داستان Oxford Bookworms 4: The Scarlet Letter

کتاب داستان آکسفورد سطح چهار به همراه CD صوتی - The Scarlet Letter

Scarlet is the colour of sin, and the letter 'A' stands for 'adultery'. In the 1600s in Boston. Massachustts, love was allowed only between a husband and wife. a child born outside marriage was a child of sin.

Hester Prynne must wear the scarlet letter on her dress for the rest of her life. How can she ever escape from this public shame? What will happen to her child, growing up in the shadow of the scarlet letter? The future holds no joy for hester Prynee.

And what will happen to her sinful lover - the father of her child?

کتاب داستان Oxford Bookworms 4: Treasure Island

کتاب داستان آکسفورد سطح چهار به همراه CD صوتی - Treasure Island

'Suddenly, there was a high voice screaming in the darkness: "Pieces of eight! Pieces of eight! Pieces of eight!" It was Long John Silver's parrot, Captain Flint! I turned to run . . .'

But young Jim Hawkins does not escape from the pirates this time. Will he and his friends find the treasure before the pirates do? Will they escape from the island, and sail back to England with a ship full of gold?

کتاب داستان Oxford Bookworms 4: Washington Square

کتاب داستان آکسفورد سطح چهار به همراه CD صوتی - Washington Square

When a handsome young man begins to court Catherine Sloper, she feels she is very lucky. She is a quiet, gentle girl, but neither beautiful nor clever; no one had ever admired her before, or come to the front parlour of her home in Washington Square to whisper soft words of love to her.

But in New York in the 1840s young ladies are not free to marry where they please. Catherine must have her father's permission, and Dr Sloper is a rich man. One day Catherine will have a fortune of 30,000 dollars a year . . .

قیمت: 65,000 تومان